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Dank Memer


Our game is one that will keep your members engaged and feeling a full range of emotions over some pretend currency.

Our major features include:

  • Virtual pets that you can level, breed, and fight with
  • 200+ unique items to collect, invest in, and sell
  • A global market system letting users trade coins and items
  • A fun grinding suite of commands that range from working pretend jobs to committing crimes
  • An adventure system where you make choices for a chance at rewards
  • Global and per server leaderboards for users to compete in
  • Bank heists and stealing from friends
  • Server engagement tools for giveaways and events from our currency
  • And so much more...

We have a team of 10+ paid staff members working around the globe and around the clock to bring this bot to users of all ages. There is always a new update planned, and our development team is very active in our community server hearing feedback and giving sneak peeks at new updates.

Our bot is used by over a million users per month, and over 32 million in the last 5 years. Our users keep coming back!






  • Paid features
  • Interactive buttons