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About Bomman musicbot

Bomman is a famous CS:GO Caster and Streamer of 500Bros Studio from Vietnamese. But this is not him, it's a simple musicbot for your server!. It currently supports music from Spotify(mainly), Youtube, Soundcloud, Apple Music and more.

How to use

Simply, you can type ' /' in the textbox to view available commands or type '/help' then hit Enter, bot will show a list of its commands. Some commands to use:

  • /play: play music from search querry(on Spotify only) or link from Youtube, Soundcloud, Apple Music and other sources
  • /nowplaying: view the song that bot is plaing
  • /skip: Skip currently playing song
  • /play: View songs in queue
  • /clear: Stop playing audio and clear the queue.
  • /pause,/resume: Pause or resume current song
  • /remove: Remove a specific track from the queue
  • /leave: Bot will leave voice channel
  • /avatar: View yours or someone avatar (Mentioned)
  • /ping: View ping.

Additional information

Sometime the bot will go offline, that when its being maintained and will be back online soon. If bot was down for a long time, contact me electroNic#2199 or .electronick. Join my server for more information and updates: for