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Meet Teranga

The next generation discord bot ! Web dashboardFavicon for Available in English, Deutsch, Français, Türkçe, हिन्दी, русский, Español, Italiano, 日本語, Português.

Blueprint (no code editor)

Alt text Teranga enables users to bring their dreams to life without coding skills. With comprehensive documentation and a drag-and-drop interface using blocks and wire connection, users can create custom tools for their Discord guilds (servers).

Economy System

Alt text Teranga boasts an exceptionally comprehensive economy and currency system known as Teranga coins, accompanied by a fully functional web dashboard that allows users to efficiently manage their finances.

RPG in Discord Game

Alt text Imagine your Discord group transforming into a captivating nation, where you must defend your territory, procure materials, and craft troops to ensure its safety. Teranga, an engaging Discord game, offers you an exciting and enjoyable experience within the platform.

#Powerful built-in features Alt text Teranga offers a plethora of built-in features designed to enhance the user experience. These features include an embed manager, ticketing system, and a welcoming module, among others.

#Unprecedented level of customization Alt text With our highly customizable platform, Teranga. You can grant your staff and members the perfect level of access and permissions they need. This means you no longer have to constantly be behind them.

#And so much more to discover Alt text Teranga is an exciting endeavor that is just beginning, and the possibilities within this platform are boundless. The only limit you will encounter is the extent of your own creativity. Teranga empowers you to craft the perfect group by providing a wide array of powerful tools at your disposal.






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  • Interactive buttons
  • Language
  • Commands