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An easy-to-use bot that will help you improve the activity of your server, generating conversations with users, and this improving its activity. We strive to be able to always be there when you need us, learning from the mistakes of the competition to be able to provide the best music and quality for free!

In turn, it should be noted that we use the latest discord.js API functionalities, in order to keep our bot updated; finally, and as our main objective says, we try to provide the best quality of music to the users of the platform, and that is why we focus on our infrastructure.

Also comment that our priority is to offer the best amount of multimedia content for free to all users, which is why we put all our effort into improving our infrastructure; Currently we have a very competitive infrastructure for the number of servers of our bots, with about 64 cores and more than 128GB of RAM, in addition to having three Lavalink nodes of our own.

Another of our priorities is to be as transparent as possible, that is why we do not collect any type of user information, and we only use it for the correct functioning of our bot, in addition to that, we offer a status page (https :// from which any user can consult in real time the status of each of our services and nodes of our infrastructure.





  • Paid features
  • Documentation
  • Interactive buttons
  • Language
  • Commands