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Scathach bot is a Lewd bot, bringing you lots of wet dream and packed with functionalities.

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🔞Automated NSFW:
Kinky NSFW. Hentaibomb, NSFWbomb, or even Pornbomb? No, we're already METEOR BOMB, None of these commands that locked behind paywall or premium hence you can use it freely.

🦑Wet minigames :
Roll a bunch of lewds characters! You can play it solo or multiplayer with your Discord fellas! Fgo, Genshin, Azur lane, Arknights, Girls' frontline or even Vtuber through lewd minigames.. Rewards and Global leaderboards are live on for

🚀Booru imageboards :
You can always request up to 25 images at once or choose reaction its up to 100+ images of arrays. Automatic channel send, explicit filter, score filters, wildcards, tags configuration per guilds. Scathach designed to always return the result you want.

🎵Music players :
Stop being lewd, and start Listening today, Scathach has Sexy & extensive music players that makes you feel eargasm! No queue limits, play from almost every source with better audio quality, 24/7 Stay on your comfort channels and Better user-experience with plenty of audio effects

🍑Doujin aggregator :
Ever wanted to read and download doujin books from your comfort Server? Try Scathach! The most daring and outstanding doujin bot over Discord; Supported many different sites. Ssshhh it's a secret!

🔨Server management:
While Sca purpose isn't to be an moderation bot. But these features already lit and exist! Welcome new members, Autoroles, Nsfw-toggler, Anti-alternate account, Anti-rude and more.. Sca automods system is still in development, so expect even more features in the future!

🛠️Modular :
Scathach breaks itself into modules to allow degenerate users to interact with our API at lower levels where just chillin invoke every single commands or adding optional parameter such as bulk requests, search behaviour, automation commands, send or troll to another users. Majority commands can be toggled disable/enable.

Feel free to join ScathachGrip server, we will be happy to assist you.

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Scathach bot listening your command 24/7. ScathachPROFavicon for is an optional paid upgrade that decreases limits.

See what else Scathach can do by visiting our website.Favicon for



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