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Short Description

The first and only sports Discord bot. Receive live headlines, scores, standings, and more, right in your Discord server! Must-have bot for any sports fan.



Ref-bot is the first and only sports Discord bot of its kind that anyone can add to their server. It stays online and functional 24/7.

Why Ref-bot?

Ref-bot serves currently over 1,500 servers and 500,000 users. It can provide a ton of sports information on command, and no other bot can do the same thing that we do. Live scores, right in your Discord server, plus the latest headlines, information on specific games, and more! You can get it on demand or you can have Ref-bot automatically update it. We support a ton of leagues, including the NFL, MLB, Premier League, and more! Simply put, Ref-bot is a must-have for any sports fan on Discord.

Oooh, I'm interested.

Want to take Ref-bot for a test drive? Feel free to join our support server! There, you can test commands, ask questions, participate in giveaways, and just hang out and make friends! If you're satisfied with your experience, click on the Add to Discord button above!

Extra Features

For those that are willing and able, check out Ref-bot on Patreon and support us! Ref-bot is entirely run on donations from the Discord community, and in return, you get access to bonuses that no one else can use. The more you pledge, the more servers you get benefits in! Check out our Patreon pageFavicon for for more details.

What Users Say About Us

"Definitely the best sports bot I've found."

"Amazing...I'll use this bot for a very long time"

"It is officially my favorite bot on Discord."

"It's very useful for my server."

(source: our support server)